My name is Barry Fagin.  I'm a computer science professor, a member of the Rocky Mountain Skeptics and a columnist for the Colorado Springs Gazette.  Click here for more info.

Below are recordings and a transcript of a psychic reading for me at the Colorado Springs Metaphysical Fair on September 11th, 2004.  To block cold reading techniques, I attempted to remain as uncommunicative as possible while still being polite.  I invite readers to decide for themselves whether or not supernatural forces are at work.

Here is the column I wrote about this.


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OK a couple of  things I see going on, um, actually theyíre the same thing but they, they manifest as two different things:  Thereís a lot of change coming up in your life.  Um, I see career change and I see, like, changes within the family, um, whatever that family structure looks to be to you.  I see people leaving, I see people coming in.  Leaving, not in terms of this dying, but leaving, going out of your life and more people coming in.


Iím also seeing that there is like right now where youíre at Iím seeing a kind of pressure pushing, itís pushing you up.  But the picture I get is that youíre hitting your head, your head is up against um, you canít see what it is 'cause your headís up against it but I can see it, and itís actually the dividing line between the current stage youíre in and the one youíre moving into.  So youíre that close to crossing over that line to being in the next stage which is what is manifesting.

And so for you Iím seeing that head pushing up against it and it feels like something is pushing you up, and this is like a lot of pressure on your head, are you aware of that at all physically, are you feeling like you have a heavy head or a weight on your head or headaches recently or Ö

Well, I never really thought much about it.

No?  You might not be aware of it at all, thatís just the picture I get is that pushing you up, um, and the reason I see the pushing is that you are so close to just crossing over that line.  But I see some resistance there.  Most of the resistance is coming because itís an unknown.  Thereís, there's a desire to keep that which is familiar.  But I see you changing a lot of whatís familiar over the next ten years, um and really particularly most of it in the next two to three years.  That which was was familiar no longer serves you in present time and a lot of new stuff comes in that really fits for you in present time, is what Iím seeing.

Okay did you have a specific question or is there something in particular you would like me to look at?

Was I anyone in a past life?


Was I anyone in a past life?

Were you in one what?

Was I anyone Ö

Oh anyone Ö

in a past life?  Did I have a past life?

Oh sure you have past lives, do you, is there a particular Ö

Any one.

OK so well weíll just pick one, OK?  Well what Iíll do is look and then whatíll come up is the one thatís most rel Ė what I do is look at a past life, tell you the details or some things about it, like who you were, the time period, what, what you were doing and then most importantly what I do is relate it to present time, like why that past life is relevant for you.  So let me look at that.

[ long pause]

First I want to say that you donít, you have not always incarned on this plane.  You incarned on this plane for a long time and then you stopped, and thereís, um, quite a big break where you incarned elsewhere in other realms, and then you started incarning in this lifetime again, and this is probably looks to be your third, yes your third lifetime reincarning here, um since that break where you incarned elsewhere.

So now weíre going to look at one of those past lives, and weíre going to look at one of the last, uh, itís, it's the two before this one.

[ long pause]

OK.  This is like watching a western movie, itís a hoot!  Thereís the stagecoach and youíre on the stagecoach and the horses are, are running really fast and thereís, the wheels are turning and the stagecoach masterís crackiní the whip and thereís people in the stagecoach and thereís, I think, I think theyíre robbers although Iím not sure at this point.  But thereís men on horseback coming up very fast chasing the stagecoach.  And I see inside the stagecoach a man, a woman, and a male child to be about 12 years old.

Letís see which one of these is you.


Itís the male child who is twelve years old.


In this particular lifetime, OK, you were bred in a very, you were born into a very wealthy family, and the way that you were um for that time period.  And the way that you were raised was with a lot of, um, classism.  There was a big separation between your family and the rest of the community.  You lived in the outskirts and you were very sheltered from having relationships with other schoolchildren.  In fact I see that you were mostly tutored privately.  Um, your parents felt that you going to school with the children who were of a lesser class would have a negative impact on you.

Youíre an extremely intelligent child, very bright.  Um, in terms of book learning you were able to take in a great deal, much more so than your young age.  And this is another reason that you were tutored, because the school system was too slow for you.

The other thing I see about you here in this lifetime is there that, there is that 10-12 year old kind of boyish mischief in there, and um little trickster, and like to play tricks.  However your parents were extremely stern, and this was not, this was not at all tolerated.  So you did it in secrecy and you did a good job, cause you did it a lot and you didnít get caught, but once and, and you never got caught again, but it continued.  And itís really a good thing because this is where you found your humor.  This is where you found lightness in your life. 

This is a very, um, oppressive kind of lifestyle for a young boy.  Because you were so sheltered, and it was all about the intellect.  There was not a lot, the only type of spiritual or religious input was one of the punishing, like if youíre not, if you donít do this Godís going to punish you type religion.  So that was a huge influence in your life then and it created a lot of fear actually.

I see there was a point where you thought you would actually die and go to hell because of these little trickster things you did.  They never really hurt anybody, they were really the fun kind of practical jokes, not harmful, but because there was so much influence about being bad, and that God will punish you that you started to believe that you were going to die very young and go to hell as a result of doing these little tricks.  And also because you laughed at them, you had humor about them.  And that was not, really, that was very much frowned upon by your father.  And grandfather, your grandfather as well.


So I do see you growing up and moving away and creating your own life in that lifetime and you remained wealthy, I see you being 28 years old.  I see you having a relationship Öwith a woman Ö and I see children Ö three Ö and you do pass fairly young in that lifetime, about 45 years old.  Um, three children and a wife and a very successful business, had to do with I see a lot of numbers and money, like accounting, bookkeeping.

So in this lifetime, how I see this relates Ö


Oh by the way I donít know what the stagecoach thing was about, except that you thought, you were sitting there very serious and you looked really scared but inside

you were just having a ball.  It was like ďThis is the most exciting thing that has every happened in my entire life!Ē  But you dare not let your Dad see that.  So it was that you really hid it well.

So in this lifetime I see two big influences.  One is the expression of emotion outwardly, that you tend to feel one thing but present another, and that thereís, thereís an uncomfortableness with really letting people know and see through your expression, and (both verball and facial) how you really feel.  Um, and this is something that you came, you brought with you from that lifetime, so you could work that energy to really have, thereís a desire on your part, to be able to be in a stagecoach and feel excited and look and act excited and be validated for that, for having joy, for having whatever, and not being suppressed about it, and have that oppression.

So it seems like a small thing in a way, but itís not, itís very big.  For someone who had a lifetime (and I see you had several, I see a military lifetime, more of that suppression and oppression) about, um, where you actually allow yourself to express outwardly what you feel inside.  And another lifetime where a grandfather raised you.  And it was you know thereís many times where you were in situations where you were taught to oppress and suppress.

So in this lifetime itís about being able to feel something, express it, and really have it, and be comfortable with that.  And not only comfortable but have other people, like I see you kind of studying how people react when you do that.  And itís because it serves as a validation for you, I think, that when you are authentic in your expression, it doesnít really matter if youíre angry, happy, sad, excited, tearful, whatever.  What matters is that youíre genuine, and thatís the energy youíre working, thatís the energy thatís what youíre learning about.

And thatís part of it.  The other part had to do, I want to look a little bit deeper at the spiritual and religious aspect because when I was looking at that about being fearful that youíre going to die and go to hell because you did these bad things.  [pause]  I see here many lifetimes of religious programming like that.  One in which you were a monk, and

another one in which you were, um, not the Pope but you were higher than a priest.  You were, I donít know if itís a bishop or archbishop but you were very high in the church, but not the Pope.  Um, Iím getting archbishop.

A lot, in that lifetime there is so much religious programming from that lifetime, and in fact in that lifetime it looks like that is one of the lifetimes in which you began to, even as archbishop in the Catholic church that you began to question the religious programming.  That certain things would happen with your parishioners and when you would experience a shared experience with them you would be saying what you were programmed to say, but inside you started thinking and feeling that this did not match.

That, especially about the punishing (oh I see how this ties in to when you were a boy too).  In other words youíre saying something to them thatís religious programming that you supposedly believe as archbishop of the Catholic church, but as a person you started to realize and question that what is coming out of your mouth isnít what you really believe.  Like maybe when you wanted to console and validate instead you were brimstone and fire kind of stuff.

So this lifetime also works into this lifetime, and I see you really questioning a lot about your spirituality.  Um, not so much religion per se, but religion in the aspect of the overall how it fits into you spirituality.  And I see like religion being this whole ball, and everything in thereís religion, and spirituality is all around it, and your interest is in whatís out here, although youíre looking into that ball, at how all of this religious stuff does connect to the spirituality.

So there is that wanting again of an integration of religion and spirituality.  And also a real separation of what is your truth and what is what you thought was your truth but turns out is actually religious programming, as a result of past lives or present lifetime, parents, um, culture, society, type.

And I see so many question marks out here itís almost like looking like a cartoon, in terms of, um energy coming in, that thereís so many questions and thereís so many answers that you canít possibly get them all at once.  But, I also see coming in to play that intelligence you had in that lifetime as that 10-year-old boy, whereas now thereís the desire, I see that intelligence and I see the desire to have it balanced with the spiritual, and how you use that intelligence to balance with the spiritual world, so that it feels complete instead of like this or like this or even like this.

How can I best do that and realize my full potential?

[long pause]

It looks to me, what Iím seeing is that youíve already started that process, just by questóby virtue of questioning it, and things like being here, just being willing, you said this is your first psychic reading, being willing to experience different aspects of spirituality, and talking to people, and being in this environment, and Ö and not owning everything everybody says.  I donít see you doing this, so what Iím really doing is validating that.  Do what you do, take it and look at it for yourself, and if itís truth it becomes your truth and if itís not it remains someone elseís truth.  It doesnít invalidate it, it doesnít make it wrong or right.  There are as you know there are many truths, there are many paths to the same goal.

And I saw somebody with a t-shirt that said something, now I canít remember what it was, it was great though, I wish I remembered it.  Something about ďThereís too much Ö spiritualityĒ, or too much something ďfor it all to fit into one religionĒ.  But it was a very positive thing.  And so different paths, just exploring, having an openness, really Iím seeing not being closed to anything [three minute timer beeps],  and being open enough to at least look at it, and then decide is that my truth or not my truth? 

If itís not my truth, you put it aside for somebody elseís truth.  If it is your truth, then you can look at it deeper and own it for yourself, and thatís how you find what your truth is.  Um, being open, being willing, being experimental, and finding like-minded people that you can have discussions with who are going through the same process or who have, some who are maybe a step further on their path, some who are on a step behind where youíre at and, and really create that kind of support and openness.

This also serves I see to help with that, that other, um, energy you want to work where what you feel matches what you express.  That having those kinds of good discussions with like-minded people really supports you in, in being who you really are, and who sometimes you think you need to be, to be OK.  And thatís, thatís really I donít see much of that in this lifetime thatís really a past life from back, that past life is very strong.  Itís also only not your last past life but the one before that so itís not been that long ago, and thatís the energy youíre bringing in to work.

Is there anything else you wanted me to look at, or question?

Um, no I think youíve been, uh, very helpful.  Youíve given me a lot to think about, I think, um, Iím quite good.

Great, Iíll just see if thereís anything else.

[long pause]

The other thing I get is in terms of not doing something out there but in the self, and itís validating yourself for who you are, validating yourself for being willing, and really recognizing the value that you have as a being here on this planet.

I really see you growing a lot in the next 2-5 years, um, and that, that barrier when you cross over, thereís, thereís a lot of shifts.  I mean, I canít begin to tell you, and it, itís both exciting and thereís, thereís physical changes in the body that happen as a result of this vibrational shift, and itís a lot of vibrational changes.  There are many people going through this in the next 5-7 years. 

Um, about that I will just say to you that youíll learn more about it Ö and the more you learn about it the more comfortable youíll be and the more youíll really come to understand whatís going on and be able accepting of it.

Good, it sounds very good and could be very exciting.

It is.  Thank you.

Thank you very much.